with Vijay Iyer (Piano), Prasanna (Guitar) & Nitin Mitta (Tabla)

"Indian-American pianist-composer Vijay Iyer, Chennai-born guitarist-composer Prasanna, and Hyderabad native and tabla player Nitin Mitta are already highly accomplished artists who shift easily among multiple musical languages. Together, they have achieved a fully realized, deeply thoughtful, and truly innovative collaboration. Combining the elemental directness of rock, the chamber-like intimacy of raga, and bebop's hard, angular drive, Tirtha achieves a profound interplay of melody and rhythm that characterizes the best jazz."

Track Listing:

  1. Duality
  2. Tribal Wisdom
  3. Tirtha
  4. Abundance
  5. Falsehood
  6. Gauntlet
  7. Polytheism
  8. Remembrance
  9. Entropy and Time

Color of Strings

with Pandit Ramesh Mishra (Sarangi), Snehashish Mazumdar (Mandolin) & Nitin Mitta (Tabla)

This recording brings a unique blend of jugalbandi of sarangi and north indian style mandolin by renowned musicians Snehasish Mozumder and sarangi masetro Pandit Ramesh Misra. This is the first time such an attempt was made to present a soulful rendition of ragas in a CD.

Track Listing:

  1. Alap, Jor & Jhala
  2. Gat in Madhyalaya Teental (16 beats) & Jhala in Teental
  3. Alap & Jor. Gat in Madhyalaya Ektal & Dhrut Gat in Teental
  4. Alap, Jor & Jhala followed by Vilambit Gat, Drut Gat & Jhala in Teental
  5. Dadra in Raga Misra Khamaj

Soul Strings

with Ravi Kiran (Chitraveena), Gaurav Mazumdar (Sitar), Patri Satish Kumar (Mridangam) & Nitin Mitta (Tabla)

Track Listing:

  1. Mahaganapathim
  2. Ragam Tanam Pallavi
  3. Ragam Tanam Pallavi


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